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Vision for Sustainable Development

We are trying to give an entire community that lives under very low standards of life, hope for their children, hope for the future, hope for a better life.

VFSD in the COVID-world of 2020
The world around us is completely affected by the COVID19-virus. The entire world in 2020 is dominated by this virus and the measures that are taken against it. The virus effects basically everyone over the entire world, but unfortunately this virus also inevitably hits hardest on the already most vulnerable groups. While the VFSD's focus is especially on the most vulnerable groups of the population, our people are hit incredibly hard and they are suffering. VFSD is used to getting confronted with various challenges, but we can say that 2020 was one of the hardest periods we had to deal with.

The COVID-measures made it basically impossible to continue with our tasks. For example, our children's project; our school had to close and the parents lost their jobs because of the lock down. Whole families have been starving. Some of them died, not because of het COVID-virus, but because they couldn't get access to food and to normal health facilities.

With VFSD we fought to keep helping our people. We were able to raise some money to provide some food for the children. We are now also trying to open our school again and to regain our usual activities. We have to stay strong, and we can use every helping hand in this process. We want to thank everyone who helped us during this hard period and who is going to help is to keep doing our good work. Thank you all and stay safe!