Support Us

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We can't achieve our goals and complete our projects on our own. We can use all kinds of support. Our focus is on the most vulnerable groups within the population. The vicious circle of negativity needs to be broken, for this generation, but also for the future. This group has to live off less then 2 dollar a day, so they are struggling to provide for their own family. They need external help that we try to provide, but we also need help to be able to build a sustainable network of support. Do you also want to be a stone in our building project? There are many ways that you can help us.

First of all, we want to create more awareness about the problems that our focus is on. Beside that, we work hard to get more attention at our projects. So are you active on social media, do you have a website, do you have another way you think you can help us with these goals? We are open to all possibilities

Do you want to be personally involved? We have our own volunteering house that gives you all kind of possibilities. Come work with the vulnerable communities yourself. Teach the poor children and help to take care of them. Be a friend for them on the hardest days. Make a difference for these communities, so that the children can be children again and that the youths can have hope for the future.  

There is also room for more organisational tasks, like developing helpful tools and strategies to make our organisation grow.
Any talent or interest can be used within our organisation. So do you have a vision or idea to help us? Contact us en we can see how we can help each other. 

Our projects also need to be funded. There are different ways to support us financially.  

Free donation 
First of all there is always the possibility for a free donation. Any amount is possible. Every donation, of any kind and any size, can help us. 

From time to time there are special actions. These are big, creative projects to raise money for the project. Last summer there was a fundraiser in the Netherlands with little giraffes on key chains. Over a thousand euro’s got raised, which was used to built schoolbenches and a new fence around the school. The number of children registered at the project grew, but the materials didn’t grow with them. This resulted in the situation that three pupils had to sit on a two-persons bench. This was not bearable given the high temperatures it reached in the afternoon, plus the pupils didn’t have the space to hold a good position to develop a good handwriting. Also, the school had issues with safety which was a problem for the goods, but more importantly for the safety of the children. Robbery’s were a common struggle. Building the new fence was a community project, which the children could paint by their own taste. It brought joy and a feeling of pride.  

These fundraisers are important to achieve big projects. When there is an activity like this, we will put this on the website and promote this on social media (see the contact page). 

Sponsor a child
There are also many children that become orphan, lost their entire family, don’t have a home, or need help in other ways. That’s why we also provide in ‘sponsoring a child’. This entails the possibility to support a specific pupil. Provide her/him with school materials and other specific needs. You get pictures and other ways of communication to see what difference you are making for your sponsored child. This way you can make a very pronounced difference and you can see directly what the difference it makes in the life of a child. This way of sponsoring a child makes it possible to buy a school uniform, school materials as a notebook and a pen, or even some breakfast. We hope to expand this way of support in the future, because it’s an effective way of financial support, but it has also proven as very valuable to the children. They feel appreciated and get a little light in the darkness they face everyday. 

For more information check our social media account or contact us.