Elles’ Children Foundation

In September 2018 the Elles’ Children Foundation is established under this organization. This organization has the particular cause to support the Power Grammar School. This school has it’s focus on orphans and the most vulnerable children in the slum communities of Kampala. They offer these children a possibility to give them hope for a brighter future then what they grew up in. 

What have we achieved up to now?

The Elles’ Children Foundation helps mainly with the development of the quality and quantity of this project. This school plays an essential role in these communities, and gives hope to children that would otherwise have no access to education, which is necessary for a brighter future. Even though this foundation only exists for a short time, we were already able to accomplish many things.

The first big difference that we could make, was to give a local entrepreneur the assignment to build new school benches. With this valuable addition to the school, every student is given their own seat. Before this, three students were sitting on a bench made for two students. That was not just a luxury problem. Because of the lack of space, pupils were not always able to develop good writing skills and a good handwriting. They were not able to hold their hand and arm in a correct 

position to write in a proper way. A positive side effect is that it made the pupils proud to say that they all had their own worthy place in the classroom.

Our second big project was to establish a strong fence around the area of the school. The location of the school is in the middle of the slums of Kawempe. This is necessary to address the most vulnerable children, but the downside is that the environment around the school is not safe. With this in mind, it was no surprise that the school was a victim of regular burglaries where they stole different school materials. With the already little resources they have, they need to be able to protect their own properties. 

But more importantly, also the safety of these children could not be guaranteed completely. That is why the main goal of this fence is to create a safe educational environment for these children.
We have seen the good impact of these developments, not only on this children, but on this whole community. This stimulates to go through with this project. Despite the difficulties we might face, we see the importance of this project, and we won’t abandon this vulnerable group. That’s why we also have big plans for the future that needs to help with increasing the impact of this project in the whole community.

Thirdly, we provide these children with materials to make them able to get proper education. They all have their own booklets, pencils, etc. It makes them proud and they learn how to take of their own property. They also learn to share and be proud of the things they own.
Our project is located in one of the poorest areas of Kampala. It brings a lot of challenges to help these poor people, not only on short term but also on the long term.
Before our project, three kids had to share one pencil. Also, there was one eraser for an entire class of around 15 children, They had only one sponge to erase the chalk from the blackboard for 6 classrooms. Now they can all write down what the teacher is saying and they can all make their own homework. They get a change to develop themselves, without being hold back by a lack of opportunity and materials.
The main goal is to help the children in this community to get access to proper education. In this way, we try to give them comfort in the moment and hope for the future.
With this project we give them a perspective for the future, they will start to believe in themselves and they become willing to invest in themselves and their communities. This is all necessary to address the underlying issues in the long term.


But we should not forget, that above all they are just children. Doesn't every child deserve to enjoy life carefree and to be able to play with other children? Is it okay for a child of 10 years old to worry daily about the fact that his or hers family might not have food that evening? Of course we try to improve these circumstances, but we also try to make it possible to let these children just be children once in a while.
They should know that they are not alone in this and that life also has beautiful things to offer. 


We achieved this when all 80 children of our school could go to a water-playpark. A small fundraiser in December 2019 made it possible to give these children a carefree day in the spirit of the holidays. These children also deserve to feel the Christmas-spirit. This would not have been possible without the sponsors.

So on behalf of all of these children:
thank you so much for all the support!