Fundraiser against COVID-starvation
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This last period that has been dominated by de COVID 19-virus, it has been extremely hard to keep supporting our people. But it's not like we have a choice. The VFSD focuses on the most vulnerable children and women in our communities. While the virus is hitting hard around the entire world, it is inevitably the most vulnerable people that are hit the hardest. Thats why we can never stop our fight. 

In these times of extreme poverty and bad health-possibilities, we have to fight harder than ever for our communities. Luckily, we had some help during these very hard times. We were able to keep a fundraiser to provide food for our children. The school had to close due to the COVID measures. Our children usually get at least once a day some food at school. Closing the school meant that they missed this meal. Also parents came home without food or money. As expected, starvation was the consequence. 


With a fundraiser we were able to gather our children at the school once a day to give them at least one meal to fill their bellies. This is so important. Not only to spare them a horible death by starvation, but also to keep them away from a criminal life. Hard times like these can drive people on a path they can never leave again. We don't just want to take care of our children now, we want to create a better community for the future.  

Hopefully we will be able to arrange a next fundraiser soon so we can keep providing this care for our vulnerable children.