Who we are

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VFSD's work evolves a round the following thematic areas: A good welfare and improved health of dignity, sanitation, hygiene, nutrition among people living with HIV/AID’s, Orphan children, youth, women and vulnerable populations is their Right.
Vision For Sustainable Development is run by people that are familiar with these problems on a close level. Because of their valuable knowledge about the life within these communities, they are the appropriate party to address these problems.

VFSD has been working in the areas of Kampala since 2005, and Kumi since 2008 helping orphans and vulnerable children (OVC’s) to access their rights to health, education and protection. 
We have registered more than 150 children and their families in the communities of Kawempe division and working with Ogyino and Atuttur sub counties in Kumi district the far eastern part of the country.
The founders work for development, assisting individual families regardless of their age, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religious belief or political affiliations.

We are serving the communities with funding from the motor rewinding and electrical workshop (Youth Training Center), Kawempe City Council Head Quarters, Latiff constituency Development Fund, membership contributions, local influential figures (individuals) and well wishers with the spirit of charity. But as of current the level of HIV/AID's infected, number of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) carted for by the organization is rapidly increasing each day in addition to cases of poor sanitation,


hygiene, nutrition, grinding poverty and low standards of living among others. Yet the resources are limited for a few mentioned community welfare services. Therefore, the organization would like to get support/assistance for Kampala and Kumi.

The VFSD also seeks to connect with other international organizations, such as the UN, to address all these problems. This helps the VFSD to build up partnerships to have a higher rate of success of their goals. Besides this, the VFSD consists of two departments to concur these problems in an efficient way: the youths and women empowerment centre and the department of child affairs.

As we struggle to seek more funds, Our main focus is anti-retroviral treatment services, raising awarness, lobbying, advocacy, networking, education, care and surport families infected and affected to HIV/AID's. Participarting in more national and international education campaigns, surport impact assessment and shared learning with networks from around the world.